Connecting the Faithful: Two Olives Media Church Outreach and Social Media Management.

In this new digital age, connecting with your congregation and the community is more vital than ever. Two Olives Media is your partner in church outreach, social media management, and content creation, helping your church impact lives and create meaningful connections.

Mission Statement of Two Olives Media

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”- Matthew 28:19

At Two Olives Media, our mission is deeply rooted in the Great Commission, aiming to expand the gospel through every channel. We want everyone to encounter Jesus Christ and embrace Him as their personal Savior.

In today’s era, where communication technologies have reached unparalleled levels, we recognize the prime opportunity to spread the good news.”…the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few…” – Luke 10:2. Our purpose extends beyond mere communication; we connect, collaborate, and cultivate faith communities, turning seekers into believers and visitors into active church members.

Our partnership with churches is focused on enhancing their digital outreach through social media platforms and websites. Just as”…your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” – Psalm 119:105, we ensure your message is heard and leads people to your church’s doors.

Adopting a strategy similar to major corporations for marketing, we bring a modern touch to the timeless mission of the church. Churches have always found ways to share their message; we are adapting these methods for the digital age to reach hearts and minds in your community.

We specialize in optimizing your online presence with strategic keywords, crafting high-quality content that resonates with your community, and expanding your audience reach. The Sunday sermon, a beacon of hope and guidance, should not be limited to the church’s physical confines.”…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16.

By extending the reach of your message beyond the church walls, we aim to impact lives and welcome new members into your church family. Contact us at Two Olives Media for a free consultation on how we can help fulfill the mission God has entrusted to you.

Our Church Outreach Services:

Social Media Management

We take the reins of your church’s social media platforms, curating and sharing content that engages your congregation and extends your outreach to the community.


We help churches impact the community with content that addresses their needs and questions, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

Audience Insights

Our research ensures we understand the needs and topics that matter most to your community, allowing us to tailor content and engagement accordingly.

Sermon Video Editing

We assist in recording and editing sermon videos, making them accessible and engaging for both in-person and online audiences.

Social Listening

We work closely with your church leadership to create targeted community outreach initiatives. Whether it’s addressing local issues, providing support during crises, or organizing events that bring people together, our strategies are designed to make a meaningful impact.

Website Development and Optimization

We excel in redesigning church websites for mobile-friendliness and improved search engine visibility. Plus, we create community-focused blog posts to enhance engagement and connection.

Online Advertising

You might be wondering about the role of online ads for a church. Well, consider this: We can strategically launch online ad campaigns, like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, to spotlight important church events, outreach initiatives, and special programs. It’s a powerful way to reach and engage your congregation and the broader community.

Why Choose Two Olives Media for Church Outreach?

Spiritual Understanding

We understand the unique needs of churches and the importance of conveying your spiritual message effectively.

Community Building

Our strategies foster a sense of community and belonging, even in the digital space.

Technical Expertise

From video editing to social media management, we have the technical skills to execute your outreach vision.

Embrace the power of digital ministry with Two Olives Media. Let us help you bridge the gap between your church and the community, nurturing faith and fostering connections.

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